I offer this album to you, dear friends, hoping you feel love and other positive vibrations while listening.   

This album celebrates womankind finding her truth and bravely resisting outdated patterns and all of humankind approaching the threshold of a shift in consciousness.  It is as well a prayer for our beautiful planet.

“Otherworld” was believed by the ancient Irish to be a dimension much like heaven right beside us on our planet earth in nature and the mist.  I wrote this song to inspire us to think about the miracles and mysteries all around us.

“Sovay”, “Wraggle Taggle Gypsy”, and “A Stitch in Time” are traditional songs about creative powerful women. These heroines dress up like men to surprise a fiancé, experience freedom by running off with gypsies, and boldly assert an end to domestic violence.

“RBG Reel” was written by Rob Crozier in appreciation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg a phenomenal example of standing in strength to seek change and equality. 

“Buiochas” (Irish Gaelic for gratitude) was written by Dan Palmer. It illustrates a new strain of Irish Jazz.

The “Elemental Suite” consists of prayers and meditations on the elements and nature.  “Air for St. Brigid” is a dedication to my favorite Irish saint who stands for hope and new life.  Air has double meaning to imply Brigid’s spirit in the air as well as denote the type of song.  “Singing Waters” incorporates actual water samples provided by Brian Brill from Northern Lake Michigan.   I can not put into words the sacredness and healing power of water.  “Fire Dance” reflects the fire dances in many cultures that honor the seasons and festivals.   This fire dance is inspired by the Celtic Beltane festival on May Day which celebrates new life, love and fertility.  “Prayer for Cre´ ” (Irish Gaelic for Earth) is an actual prayer for the healing and vitality of our Mother Earth.



Kelly McDermott - flute, vocals, sruti box, temple bells

Rob Crozier - electric bass, upright bass, guitar on “Singing Waters”, percussion, didgeridoo

Dan Palmer - guitars

Mike List - percussion

Rick Beamon - drums

Brian Brill - keyboards

Stefan Kukurugya - keyboard on “Stitch in Time”

David Mansfield - violin on “Wraggle Taggle Gypsies”

Emma McDermott - vocals on “Wraggle Taggle Gypsies”

Produced by: Brian Brill and Kelly McDermott

Recorded and Mixed at: Attic Studios in Chelsea by Brian Brill

Recorded at: Big Sky Studio in Ann Arbor by Geoff Michael

Mastered by: John Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA

Tray Image photo by: Emma McDermott

Graphic Design and logo by: Joe Judge