“These world class musicians bring the energy of world music, the thought provoking nature of folk music and the edge of rock to create something that is truly unique.  You’ll leave the show captivated by Kelly’s beautiful voice and the stunning music of Nessa.”       Trinity House Theatre 


“…totally lovely touch with the uilleann pipes and flutes.”

                                         Cynthia Canty – NPR


“The folk tradition is alive and well in these beautifully crafted, modern interpretations.”   

                                         Rob Reinhart – “Acoustic Cafe” 


“Kelly is stunning, as is Nessa. Thank you for your deeply beautiful music. It is haunting.”    

                                          Sunny Wilkinson – singer/recording artist/educator


“McDermott, through her endearing demeanor as a singer and her captivating performance style,creates an avenue for the audience to engage with the music on a deeper 

level.”                               Current Magazine