Nessa invites your audience to dance and dream with their beautifully hip take on Celtic music!

Have fun! Dance: to tribal drumming and ancient Irish and Scottish folk flute melodies.  Witness: as Australian didgeridoo takes you into a droney trance while enchanted fiddle and flute melodies whirl on stage.  Listen: to charming stories sung by leader Kelly McDermott that peek into the stirring reaches of Celtic mythology.  A beautifully unique way to experience Celtic fusion in a live festival concert setting!

Enjoy the added value of Nessa’s great Workshops:

Find your voice 101!  

Kelly McDermott is a gifted clinician who excels at helping children and adults find their voice.  Discover your most personal instrument as Kelly helps to “birth” your unique voice. Beginners and Intermediate instruction. Come one come all!

Get Rhythm: Hand Drumming and Clapping Rhythms!

Rob Crozier is a fun, upbeat teacher with two decades of hand drumming experience and 15 years of teaching experience.  Join Rob in an exciting, “hands on” approach to exploring the heartbeat of all music, rhythm.  Hand drumming and clapping available for beginners and intermediate students.  Limited drums provided.  

Hot Tips on Arranging Music:

Rob Crozier and Kelly McDermott will present musicians with a new way to look at arranging songs.  Through their experience in arranging the music of Nessa, Rob and Kelly have some unique tricks to share with students to help them create arrangements that “pop.”

Single day and weekend packages available.