“Nessa presented a hands-on workshop experience at The Music Village. The band’s casual, approachable style fit perfectly with the needs and skills of our amateur musicians. The resulting collaborative performance was a highlight of the evening!”

                         Josh Aerie – Executive Director of the Music Village, South Bend, IN


A Nessa feature concert including your student musicians.
Nessa offers this rare opportunity for students to play on stage with the band in a live performance setting!
Your students will apply what they’ve learned during their day clinic on stage with Nessa in their school auditorium or at a local venue.   All “Jammers” packages will include an hour Performance 101 mini clinic.
Performance 101:
1) The Art of Practicing for the Gig:  Before you Perform, you Prepare!
2) Breathing techniques to calm performance anxiety.
3) Pre-performance Gig checklist (equipment, dress, punctuality).
4) Ensemble playing (volume, stage placement).
5) Sound Tech: How to talk to the sound crew.
6) Setting Performance Goals:  Your Experience Matters!
7) How to take a bow:  Bravo!!!
Demystifying Improvisation for Non-Improvisers: (all ages)  Learn to improvise in a fun, supportive setting.
1) Learn some basic guidelines for improvisation: eg. the blues.
2) Learn to analyze a piece of music: key signature, basic scale theory.
3) Begin to look at the basic building blocks of music: rhythm and harmony.
4) To apply basic scale theory to a short improvisation.
5) Learn about avoid notes.
6) Let your personality through! Improvising is Composing in real time.
Find your voice!  (All ages) Kelly McDermott is a gifted clinician who excels at helping children and adults find their voice.  Discover your most personal instrument as Kelly helps to “birth” your unique voice. Beginning and intermediate students are welcome.  Come one come all!


Flute 101 (10 and up, All levels, Adult and college clinics available) Bring your instrument

This is a great clinic for youngsters new to the flute and those who are a little older and pursuing private study.  Let flutist Kelly McDermott introduce you to a new way of thinking about music and the flute!  The methods taught in this workshop will help students to develop better posture, hand position and tone while having fun learning the flute!


Get Rhythm: Hand Drumming and Clapping Rhythms! (All ages)Bring your instrument (limited drums provided)

Mike List is a fun, upbeat teacher.  Mike has performed in a variety of musical settings including rock, jazz, classical, contemporary art music, and world music fusion ensembles.  He currently works with the percussion group ‘Rela,’ Celtic fusion group ‘Nessa,’ world jazz group ‘Inscribe,’ and is a regular performer with Rick Robinson’s CutTime Simfonica and the Classical Revolution Detroit series.  His specialties are tabla, frame drum and cajon, with additional expertise in standard kit drumming.


Guitar 101, Jazz Guitar or Classical Guitar technique (10 and up, All levels) Bring your instrument

Daniel Palmer is an active guitarist, composer, and educator based in southern Michigan. He performs in a wide variety of settings, including, jazz, classical, improvised, Celtic, acoustic finger-style, folk, rock, and other various genres.


Hot Tips on Arranging Music:  (Ages 12 and up) Bring your instrument

Rob Crozier and Kelly McDermott will present musicians with a new way to look at arranging songs.  Through their experience in arranging the music of Nessa, Rob and Kelly have some unique tricks to share with students to help them create arrangements that “pop.”


Instrumental technique and Improvisation with Rob Crozier:

Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Didgeridoo, Ukulele and Harmonica (All ages, All levels)  Bring your instrument

Rob Crozier is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, bandleader and composer/producer residing in Ann Arbor.  He has earned a BFA in Jazz Studies in bass performance from the University of Michigan.  He performs regularly in a variety of contexts including jazz, blues, cajun, traditional folk and “contemporary improvised” music with twenty years of live performance experience.


Other Workshops and Clinic Ideas:

  • Improvisation                
  • Arranging with Genre Bending